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Sony vegas pro 13 render 720p free. How to render 1080P or 720P video at 60 FPS with Sony Vegas Pro? Click here to Download

Scan Computers Int. How do I render 4K video in Vegas Pro 13? Your Name Remember Me? January 5th, , PM Norris Combs. January 5th, , PM Mark Watson. January 8th, , AM Norris Combs. My intention is to keep the highest resolution possible. I'd like to be able to play back the video on my computer. I use VLC. Thank you! January 8th, , AM Mark Watson. The difference is that AVC only goes up to x resolution.

Looks like MP4. So, you might get a different result when you click the box for "Match Project Properties". If that's the case, then try the ones that are listed from that filter result. January 8th, , AM Mark Rosenzweig.

Originally Posted by Mark Watson. The resolution from the camera is x x 32, But, there are 2 "types", one referred to as "intra", the other's called "long". Which one should I choose? What's the difference? Thank you!! Originally Posted by Norris Combs. January 8th, , PM Norris Combs. April 19th, , PM Norris Combs. Originally Posted by Mark Rosenzweig. Just choose that it is "long".

Intra requires a much higher bitrate. April 20th, , AM Phil Lee. Under frame size, change this to custom frame size, add the 4K resolution of x in the width and height boxes. Select the field order as required, this is always progressive on 4K footage. Change the bit rates to suit, for good quality go for max ,, and average as ,, type in if not in the drop down list , then render, this creates an MP4 that should play no problems.

Experiment with other bit-rates if required. Regards Phil. April 20th, , AM Norris Combs. Thanks very much Phil for that step by step! I will follow that tonight. April 21st, , PM Norris Combs.

So I did a render of the. The resulting. Size is 3. Maybe because I chose high bitrates ,, Max, ,, Avg, as suggested by Phil, also I selected 2-pass rendering, for sure that added to the time. Maybe my laptop is not heavy duty enough? April 21st, , PM Mark Watson. That's really slow. Laptops nowadays are fast enough that rendering a file like yours could be done in near real time.

I run a laptop with iK 4. Does pretty good until you pile on special effects with 4K video. One of the best and easiest ways to speed things up is to put your file you want rendered on a separate drive than where you're rendering it to.

Once the project is done, I move the renders off the SSD so there's space for the next project. You need to have some headroom on your drives, also. One more thing, don't use RPM drives. I had a Toshiba Satellite laptop and it was a dog with those slow ass drives.

Working with HDV and Cineform files back then really sucked the fun out of playing with video files. Bad thing is if one goes down, that's a lot of media to lose. Mark, Thanks for your post. You pointed out a few things that slowed me down. The project file and the rendered file are both on the same hard drive the laptop's , AND, the hard drive is almost out of space. What is the model of your laptop, where did you buy it from?

I've been buying Sager laptops since This is my 3rd, got it in when I got the Sony FS7. Not sure what the actual model number is, but it's a 17" model. You can check their web-site and basically you start by choosing a screen size, then a model, then you customize it. You get lots of CPU, graphics adapters, memory and hard drive options. I recommend getting the 3 year warranty.

I haven't really researched much of what the others offer lately, but whatever you do, be sure to research the graphics adapter, to see if it's a good fit for your NLE. VideoGuys offer advice on laptops and desktops for video editing. When I ordered this last one, I wanted it shipped to a 2-star hotel somewhere in the desert of Nevada.

I got phone calls from my bank and then from Sager, to confirm my identity. The guy from Sager told me he was the tech who built my machine. He wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be using this for gaming, as apparently the video card is not good for that.

I told him it was for editing 4K video and he said it would do that just great. The laptop was just crazy heavy and about 2 inches thick.

Going through customs at the airport the guy asked me, "What is this? The power brick weighed about 3 pounds by itself. Lots of cooling fans. Had two DVI plugs on the back and cables that allowed it to drive a total of 3 external monitors. Your Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Buyer's Guides. What Happens in Vegas This PC-based editing app is a safe bet with these tips.

Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. January 5th, , PM. January 8th, , AM. January 8th, , PM. Much appreciated. April 19th, , PM. April 20th, , AM. April 21st, , PM. DV Info Net refers all where-to-buy and where-to-rent questions exclusively to these trusted full line dealers and rental houses DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood.

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[Project and render settings advice sought


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Camera Techniques. Professional Audio. Video Film. Video Maker. Neon Signs. Free Wedding Templates. Step 4: Click the "Customize Template From this menu, we can see a few options we'll be changing. The resolution, the Profile, the Framerate, and the bit rate. Here's some things to note:. Your Resolution should always match, or be lower than your source footage's resolution.

Never higher. Make sure that your Field Order is always Progressive Scan. A higher bit rate equals a higher filesize. You'll be making a compromise between video quality, and filesize. Your resolution should always be the same, or lower than your source footage.

Never higher! YouTube has Native Support for 4K, so if your footage is in 4K, be sure to select it as its resolution! While this list does not display 4K resolution, x Vegas Pro does allow you to render it! Simply select " Custom frame size " and type in the values! From this dropdown menu, you'll be selecting the resolution for your footage.

Be sure to select an option that best matches your source! Framerate is just as important as resolution when it comes to matching your footage. Sony Vegas Pro does support 60fps renders, though it is not listed here! Unlike the custom value option for resolution, instead you'll be typing in the value in the box itself. Simply type the framerate at which your footage was recorded. Next is our bit rate. A bit rate is just that. A rate at which how many bits can be used per second of footage.

Traditional bit rates for YouTube are mbps. A variable bit rate versus a constant bit rate is less about which is better, and more about how much time you have and how efficient you want your render to be. Selecting a constant bit rate of 20mbps is going to grant you a very sharp video, but with a larger filesize than would be had through a variable bit rate of 10 average and 20 maximum.

A variable bit rate allows Vegas Pro to increase the bit rate for a certain bit of rendering, so as to allow for better compression when necessary, while maintaining a low filesize, due to it not being necessary to use such a high bit rate for larger blocks of similar data.

More is always better with video editing, but the results are largely marginal after a point of about 50mbps. Especially for YouTube, as they do not support bit rates higher than so.

You can calculate your video's output filesize by taking your bit rate, dividing it by 8, and multiplying your number by the number of seconds. The higher you can go, the better. Something like 20,, average and 50,, maximum. However, I find a good spot in the middle is something around 10,, average, and 20,, maximum. Around MB for a 3-minute video.


How to render P or P video at 60 FPS with Sony Vegas Pro? - Computing Mania


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Forums Apps Apps General Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Keeron1 Commendable. Jul 26, 7 0 1, 1. Soo My sony vegas pro 13 after rendering a video the resolution of the videos gets smaller and I don't like it I want my resolution how it was at the first place pls help me I need a lot of help on this thx a lot.

I fixed it I had to right click on the video where u edit and go on something and do aspect ratio off. Dec 29, 2, 1 26, More information is needed. What render settings are you using? Are these the same settings you were using before the problem started? Have you changed any of the settings in Vegas? May 5, 22 0 1, 1. You need to post this on one of the Vegas forums - there are several; do a google on "sony vegas forum".

However you will need to post a lot more info e. Video editing is a nontrivial job and there is a lot to go wrong. Keeron1 :. Yes but if you know 1 that can not do this help me because my resoultion before render was good after rendering it was like small a lot like the window when u make chrome smaller.

Hopefully someone more familiar with Vegas 13 will chime in and give you the help you need. What is the resolution of the source file video that you are having trouble with? What other settings are available other than MainConcept? You must log in or register to reply here. Why is the video 50 times the size after rendering with Vegas 14?

Do I render a 30 fps video in 30fps or Similar threads Solved! Sony Vegas 14 Black screen error Solved! Sony Vegas Pro After rendering video only audio plays?

Am I allowed to record a video in p and then render in Sony Vegas to p quality? Sony vegas render stuck! Sony Vegas Rendering Issues.

Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Question My dell Latitude E is very slow. If I change from windows 10 pro to window 7 or Linux operating system would it help stop it from being slow?

Started by joshcoder May 16, Replies: Question Subwoofer just randomly stopped working in Windows 10 when set to 5. Works in other scenarios though. Edit - Issue discovered. May 26, Replies: 2. Laptop General Discussion. Moderators online. Tom's Guide is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

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