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[Cannot install USB driver on remote controller · Issue #46 · dji-sdk/Windows-SDK · GitHub Click here to Download
                                                                                                        Flight Controllers Series. Has anyone ran into this before? DJI Air 2S. I need some help here or updated drivers!      

DJI drivers won't work with Windows 10 update | DJI FORUM.DJI WIN Driver Installer - Download Center - DJI

  I tried installing the WinUSB driver for my Mavic 2 enterprise remote controller using Zadig, ianhirsch opened this issue on Feb 17, · 10 comments. The maker of your Naza flight controller, DJI, does not have signed drivers and windows. 10, be default will not install them. Here is how to get your Naza. Learn more about DJI products with specs, tutorial guides, and user manuals. Download the DJI GO app to capture and share beautiful content.    

Dji driver windows 10.Download Center


Anyway, nice tutorial man! Been searching for this issue for days.. Cheers Log In to reply. No idea just keep refreshing. Thank you thank you thank you. I searched for a while and even bought a second unit since DJI told me mine might just be malfunctioning.

This worked and now it talks to the software. Thanks again. Why does DJI not know about this? I would assume this is a problem with all windows 10 machines. Sbandtholtz on May 15, Garfl on July 14, I am trying to do the same too. Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device Hello everybody , I just upgrade my quad from CC3D to naza m lite with all toys, but I cannot comunicate my naza m lite with the assistant , no green lights at all and not even show in the COM ports.

Poppasmurf on December 2, I have tried 3 others and this one did the trick. Great job and thanx again Max Air on February 22, This article is a life saver for me, thanks so much for sharing. Getting my Naza to communicate with my computer was a major road block for me. I am surprised that a company as large as Naza has not taken the steps to ensure ease of installation with Windows 10 systems.

Worked like a charm! Battershell on July 30, Did everything's no as shown and still it will not respond to being plugged in. What is the refresh thing all about? Is that just for the article on FT? Computer acknowledged plugging in cable to quad but then still does nothing. No response to stick movements and says it needs plugged into the controller when I want to even run motor test or export settings.

Any ideas. Battershell on August 2, Figured it out! Not sure what or why but after several restarts it finally works. DPG on August 24, You my Man are intelligent, thank you for saving and old drone from the dumpster! Sometimes depending on security, you may receive a driver signing error. Driver not installed correctly or similar. This is due to Windows 10 security settings for signing the DJI driver signature.

To fix this you will need to simply disable the driver signing from Windows Windows Anniversary Update? I tried it on mine last week after a fresh install of Windows Anniversary and I was able to find and install the driver.

Not a problem! Thanks for the message. Sometimes so frustrating getting these little fixes to fly a drone. They did some research for me and found this solution and installed it on my laptop for free. It seems like DJI could have engineered around this product, or at least had some avenue to bring it to customers attention to this defect. Microsoft should not have sold this defective product. Therefore I believe Microsoft is to blame for this problem. Thanks for the comment.

The main reason is the signature for the driver.

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