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Why does cloth shrink when wet? By capillary attraction the water is drawn into the pores ot the cloth. The fibres are thus expanded sidewise and shortened lengthwise. The cloth "fulls uIf" or thickens while it shortens and narrows shrinks in the process. IWhy do sailors at a boat-race wet the sails?

The pores being full and expanded make the sails more compact. They will therefore hold the wind better. Why does not writing-ipaer blot? Because the pores are filled with size. See Chemistry, p. Why does iainztprevent woodfrom shrinking? Because it fills the pores of the wood. Ordinarily the former is concave and the latter convex. Why can we not dry a toweltierfectly by wringing? Because of the strength of the capillary force by which the water is held in the pores of the cloth.

Why will not water run through a fine sieve when the w7ires have been greased? Because the grease repels the water and so prevents capi!. Why will camnihor dissolve in alcohol and not in water? Because there is a strong adhesion between the alcohol and camphor, and little, if any, between the water and camphor.

Why will mercury rise in zinc turbes as water does zn glass tubes? Because of the strong adhesion between zinc and mercury. Why is it so diffcult to lift a board out of water? Because of the adhesion between the board and the water.

Why will ink spilled on the edge of a book extendfurther inside than f stsilled on the side of the leaves? Because the capillary pores of the paper are short, being only the thickness of a leaf, while the capillary spaces between the leaves are longer and continuous. If you should hali ten to spill some ink on the edge of,your book, ought you lo press the leaves togfether?.

Because you would make the capillary spaces between tlie leasves smaller, and so the ink would rise in them further. WZhy can you not mix oil and water? Because there is no adhesion between them. Because in the former case there is an adhesion, in the latter none. I 6 Why is a tub or fail liable to fall to pieces if noalflled with water or kefpt in the cellar? Because the moisture dries out of the pores, and the wood shrinks so as to let the hoops fall off.

NAame instances where the attraction of adhesion is stronger than that of cohesion. WXTood fastened by glue will often split before the glue will yield. Paper stuck with paste, and bricks with mortar, are also examples. When an afttle fills to thegroulrd, how izmuch doesthe earth rise to meet it? The earth falls as much less distance than the apple, as its mass is greater. Uthat causes the sawdust in a mill-ofind to collect in large masses?

The attraction of gravity which exists between all bodies, whereby they attract each other. All bodies on the earth would tend to approach each other, and the big ones would gather all the little ones around them were they as free to move as the sawdust floating on water. Will a body weigh more in a valley than on a mountain P It will, because the attraction of the earth is greater.

Will a pfound weight fall mIore slowly than a tzwo-fiound Veight? They will both fall in the same time, except the slight difference which is caused by the resistance of the air. Galileo propounded this view and proved it, in the presence of a xast crowd, by letting unequal weights fall from the leaning towez of Pisa. Is the centre qf gravity always within a body-as, fao examiple, a ring.? It is not. In the case given it is at the centre of the circle. If two bodies, weighing respectively 2 and 4 pounds, be coznneced b't a rod 24 inches long, where is the centre of ravity?

To be in equilibrium the weight of one multiplied by its distance from the centre of gravity iust equal the weight of the other mtltiplied by its distance. Therefore the centre of gravity is 8 in.

In a balli of equai density throughout, where is the centre of gravity? At the cefitre of the ball. Why does a ball roll down hill? Because the line of direction falls without the small base of the ball. Because the base of the ball is so much smaller, and therefore the centre of gravity need not be raised to bring the line of direction without.

Why is it easier to tifz over a load of hay than one of stone? Because the centre of gravity in a load of hay is very high, and in a load of stone very low. Therefore the centre of gravity in the former need not be raised much to bring the line of direction without the base, while in the latter it must be.

Why is a fyranmid the stablest of structures? Because the base is so broad and the centre of gravity so low. The centre of gravity must therefore be lifted very ligh before the line of direction will fall without the base.

When a hamner is thrown, on which end does it always strike? On the heavy end or head, because that part is attracted by the earth more strongly. WIhy does a rope-walker carry a heavy balancing-oleI Because in this way he can easily shift his centre of gravity.

What would become of a ball if droApied Zilto a hoie bored through the centre qf the earth? In falling, it would gain a momentum which would carry it past the centre of the earth.

But as it is constantly coming to a part having a slower axial revolution than itself, it would scrape on the east side of the hole until it reached the centre; beyond that point it would scrape on the west side. This friction would prevent its reaching the opposite side of the earth.

It would therefore vibrate to and fro, each time through a shorter distance, until, at last, it would come to rest at the centre of the earth.

Would a clock lose or gain time if carried to the top of a mountain? It would lose time, because the force of gravity would be lessened.

At the North Pole it would gain time, because there the force of gravity would be increased. In the winter, would you raise or lower the pendulzumbob of your clock? I would lower it, since the cold of winter shortens the pendulum, and this movement of the bob would counteract that change. Why is the iendulum-bob always madeflat? To decrease the friction of the air.

What beats off the time in a watch? The vibration of the balance-wheel. Is solved in the book. To vibrate quarter-seconds? To vibrate hours? What is the profiortionate time of vibration of two pen. According to the 2nd. Why, when you are standing erect against a wall, and a piece of money is placed between your feet, can you not stoyV forward and ftick it upf? By leaning forward you bring the centre of gravity in front of your feet, and, as on account of the wall, you cannot throw any part of your body back to preserve the balance, you fall forward.

If a tower were i 98 feet high, with what velocity would a stonle droPifiedfromn the summnit, strike the ground? A bodyfalls in 5 seconds: with what velocity does zi rtrike the grozund? How far will a body fall in Io seconds? Witih what velocity will it strike the ground? A body is thrown iujward with a velocity of feet the,irst second, to what height will it rise?

A ball is shot ufiward with a velocity of feet;, t what height will it rise? Are any two plumb-lines parallel? Thev are not, since they point to the earth's centre of gravity. No twvo spokes of a wheel can be parallel. A stone let fallfromi a bridge strikes the water in three seconds.

What is the hezght? A stonefallsfrom a church steeple in 4 seconds. What is the height? How far would a body fall the first second at a hez-ght of I2, miles above the earth's surface? A body at the surface of the earth weizghs oo tons. A boy wishing to find the hezght of a steetle les fly an arrow thatjust reaches the toti and then falls to the ground. It is in the air 6 seconds. Required the hezght. A cat let fall fronm a balloon reaches the ground it io seconds.

Required the distance. In what time wzll a tpeznduinu 40 feet long make a vzibration? Page 14 14 A. Two mneieoric bodies in space are 12 miles apart. They weigh Ioo and lbs. If they siould fall toaether by force of their mutual attraction, what Plortion of the distance woluld be passed over by each body?

The distance passed over by the two bodies is inversely as their mass; hence one moves 8 miles and the oth er 4 miles. The weight of bodies below the surface of the earth decreases as the distance increases. What would the above body weigh if carried 2, mziles below the surface? See Physics, page 5, note.

At what distance, above the sufwace of the earth will a body fall, the frst second, 21 inches? A body falls 16 ft. Hence the body must be 12, miles from the centre, or 8, miles from the surface of the earth.

How far will a bodyfall in 8 seconds? I,o24 ft. Can a rifle-ball befred thr-olgi a handkerchief sus. The wind of the ball will lift the handkerchief somewhat. A rife-ball thrown against a board standing edg6ewise will knock it down; the same bullet fired at the board vill pass through it without disturbizng its position.

Why is this? The ball which is thrown has time to impart its motion to the board; the one fired has not. Why can a boy skate safely over a piece of thin ice, when, if he should pause, it would break under him directly? In the former case there is time for the weight of his body to be communicated to the ice; in the latter, there is not.

Why can a cannzon-ball be fred through a ldoor standing ajar, without moving it on its hin-ges? Because the cannon-ball is moving so quickly that its motion is not imparted to the door. Why can we drive on the head of a hammzer by sinuply strikinzg the end of the handle?

This can only be done by a quick, sharp blow which will drive the wooden handle through the socket before the motion has time to overcome the inertia of the iron head. A slow, steady blow will be imparted to the head, and so fail of the desired effect. Suzipose o'u were on a train of cars movin, at the rate of 30 milesper hour: with what force would you be thrown forward if the train were stopped instantly?

With the same velocity which the train had, oi 44 feet pet second. Your momentum would be your weight avoirdupois multiplied by this velocity. IZ what line does a stone fall from the nast-head of a vessel in motion?

In a curved line, produced by the two forces-gravity and the forward motion of the vessel. In the daily revolution of the earth on its axis, from vwest to east, the top of the tower moves faster than the bottom, because it passes through a larger circle. When, therefore, the ball falls, it retains that swifter easterly motion and so strikes east of the vertical. If is staled that a suit was once brought by the driver of a light-wagon against the owner of a coach for damcages caused by a collision.

The comn laint was that the lattfr was drivingl sofast, that wheln the two carriages struck, fte drivcr Zf the former was thrown-forerard over the dash-board. WThen the light-wagon was suddenly stopped, its driver went on by his inertia with the same speed at which the wagon was moving. That this threw him forward over the dash-board, proves his speed to have been unusual. In a vertical line to the track. The two equal, opposite motions would exactly destroy each other. Su5ppose a steamer in ralpid motion and on its deck a man jumping.

Can he jumnpi further by leapigs the w'ay the boat is moving or in the ofpiosile direction? It will make no difference as long as he jumps on the deck.

Should he jump off the boat, then the effect would be different. WHhy is a runnlintgjuniz lont er than a standing one? Because the motion gained in running is retained in the jump and adds to its distance. If a stone be dr ojpped from the mast-head of a vessel in motion, will it strike the same spot on the deck that it would if the vessel were at rest? It will. It falls with the motion of the vessel, and goes just as far forward while falling as the vessel does.

Coltd a party play ball on the deck of the Great Eastern when steaming along at the rate of 20 miles per hour, without making allowance for the motion of the ship.?

They could. The ball would have the motion of the ship, and would move with it in whatever direction they might throw it. Since "action is equal to reaction," why is it not as dangerous to receive the "' kick" of a gun as the force of the bullet? The striking force is as the square of the velocity; and the velocity with which the gun moves backward is as much less than that with which the bullet moves forward, as the gun is heavier than the bullet. For this reason a heavy gun will kick much less than a light one.

If you were to jumZn from a carriage in rapid nZotion, wouldyou leap directly toward the spiot on which you wished to alzghlt? No; because as one jumps from the wagon he has its forward motion, and will go just as far ahead, while leaping, as he would if he had remained in the carriage. He should, therefore, aim a little back of the desired alighting-place. If you wished lo shoot a bird in swift fzight, would you aim directly at it?

The bird will fly forward while the bullet is going to it. One should, therefore, aim a little in advance. At what parts of the earth is the centrifugalforce the least? The poles. They simply turn around in 24 hours. What causes the mud tojfy from the wheels of a carriage in rapid motion?

The centrifugal force the inertia of the mud. What proof have we that the earth was once a soft mass? It is flattened at the poles. This effect is produced upon a ball of soft clay by simply revolving it on a wire axis. On a curve in a railroad, why is one track always higher than the other?

I4What is the pirincijple of the sling? The sling is whirled until a strong centrifugal force is generated; the string, the centripetal force, is then released, when the stone flies off at a tangent. The mouth of the Mississzppi river is about 24 miles fulrther from the centre of the earth than its source. What causes its water to thus " run Au hill? Were the earth to stand still in its daily rotation, the Gulf of Mexico would empty its waters back through the Mississippi to the northern regions.

Is it action or reaction that breaks an egg wheen I strike it against the table? The reaction of the table. Was the man philosophical who said "it was not the falling so far but the stofiping so quick that hurt him?

If oneferson runs against another, which receives the greater blow? Action is equal to reaction: hence the blows must be equal. Would it vary the effect if the two persons were running in otbtosite directions? The blow would then be the sum of both their momenta. If they were running in the same direction? The blow would be equal to the diference of their momenta. Because a single force always produces motion in a straight line. See problem I5.

How much does the shipz move to meet the boat? The ship moves as much less distance than the boat, as it'3 heavier than the boat. Suppose a string, fastened at one end, will just sut5p5or a weight of 25 lbs. Unfasten it, and let two persons pull uipon it in opfilosite directions. The second person, in the latter case, can pull as much as the nail did in the former. Can a man standing on a pilatfor;-scale make himself Iighter by ifting uip on himself? He cannot; because action is equal to reaction, and in an opposite direction.

As much as he lifts up, so much must he press down. Why cannot a man lift himself by fiulling utp on his boot-straps? See last problem. If ifrom a gun pilaced vertically, a ball were fired into perfectly still air, where would it.

It would return into the gun. With what momentum would a steamboat weighing I,ooo tons, and moving with a velocity of I o feet per second, strike against a sunken rock? With what momentum would a train of cars weighing Ioo tons, and running Io miles per hour, strike against an 7bstacle? What would be the copfiarative striking-force of tzwc hammers, one driven with a velocity of 20feetfer second, ana the other Io feet?

Hence one will strike four times ae ht,rd a blow as the other. This principle is of great impertance in chopping wood, splitting rails, and in all cases where percussion is concerned. On trial the plan failed. In which di rection should he have turned the bellows? In the manner adopted at first, of turning the nozzle toward the sails, the action of the wind against the sails and the reaction of the bellows against the boat just balanced each other.

If the man had turned the nozzle backward he could have saved the reaction of the bellows to move the boat.

This would, however, have been a most costly and bungling way of navigation. Why will the foam all collect in the hollow at the centre? Describe the rudder of a boat as a lever. The water is the F, the boat the V, and the hand the P. As the W is between the F and the P, it is a lever of the second class. Show the change that occurs from the second to the third class of levers, when you take hold of a ladder at one end and raise it against a building.

At first the ground is the F at one end, the hand the P at the other, and the ladder the W hanging between; hence this is a lever of the second class. After a little, the F remaining the same, the P is applied at one end, near the F, and the ladder is the WV hanging, at the other; hence this is now a lever of the third class.

Why is a piinch from the tongs near the hinge more severe than one near the end? Because in the former case the tongs are a lever of the first class-in the latter, of the third. In the first class there is a gain of power, in the third a loss. Two 5ersons are carrying a weight of lbs. Whe e should it be suspended so that one will lift only 50 lbs.? One lifts 50 lbs. The proportionate length of the arms of the lever should be the same as the proportionate weights-i.

In a lever of the first class, 6 feet long, where should the F be fplaced so that a P of I lb. The W must be placed 3 in. What P would be required to lift a barrel of fiork with a windlass whose axle is one foot in diameter and handle 3 ft.

P: W: rad. WHhat number of movable pzulleys would be required to;ift a W of lbs. How many lbs. What weight could be lifted with a single horseowe, 33, lbs.

This block has 3 movable pulleys, and using the equation of the pulleys given in the last two problems, we have, making no allowance for friction, 33, lbs. What distance should there be between the threads oj a screzwe, that a Pof 25 lbs. F: W:: Interval: Circumference. How high could a P of 12 lbs. P: W:: height: length. I wish to roll a barrel of flour into a wagon, the box of which is 4ft.

How Ionff a plank should I get? The "evenzer" of apair of whifclrees is 3 J. For every 3 lbs. Hence one arm of the evener must be 6 in.

Or, if we prefer, we may say 21 in. See Prob. In a set of three horse wshiffletrees, haing an "evene"? For every lb. Hence one arm mast be 20 in..

The single horse should draw 3 lbs. What W can be lifted with a P of 0oo lbs. What is the object of the big balls cast on the ends of the Fandle of the screw used in cohying-firesses? By their inertia and centrifugal force they make the motion more uniform and continuous. In a steelyard 2ft. How heavy a body can be weighed with a I lb. Describe the changefrom the Ist to the 3d class of levers, il the ditSerent ways of using a spade. When digging, the ground at the back of the spade is the F; the ground lifted is the W; and the hand at the other end is the P.

When throwing dirt, the left hand at one end of the spade is the F; the dirt at the other end is the W, and the right hand between the two is the P.

As the P is between the F and the W, this is a lever of the 3d class. W Vhy are not blacksmiths' and fire tongs constructed on the same princihle P The former are of the Ist class, as power is required: the latter of the 3d class, as rapidity only is necessary. In a lever of the 3d class, what y will a P of 50 lbs. P: W:: Wd: Pd. In a lever of the 2d class, what IV will a P of 50 lbs. In a lever of the Ist class, what Wgwill a P of 50 lt.

A balance. Required the circumference of thu wheel. P: W:: diameter of axle: diam. Required the circumference of the axle. What P would be necessary to sustain a weight o0 3, lbs. Iowr many movable pfilleys would be required to sustain I Wof lbs. Why do housekeepfers test the strength of lye, b trying whether or not an egg will float on it?

The potash dissolved in the water to form lye increases the density of the liquid. When enough has been dissolved to make its specific gravity greater than that of the egg, the egg will float. This becomes, therefore, a simple means of testing the amount of potash contained in the lye. How much water will it take to make a gallon of strong brine. A gallon. The salt does not increase the bulk of the liquid.

Why can afat man swim easier than. Because muscles and bones are heavier than fat. The specific gravity of a fat man is therefore less than that of a lean one. Why does thefiring of a cannon over the watersometimes bring to the surface the body of a drowned person. It is probable, also, that the firing of the gun produces a partial vacuum, or in some way takes off, for an instant, a part of the pressure of the air on the water.

The gases in the body would then expand and bring it to the top. The pressure of the water is less as they near the top, and so they expand. What is the pressure on a lock-gate 14 feet high and Io feet wide, when the lock is full of water f 14 x 10 x 7 x oz.

Will a iail of water weigh any more with a live fish in it than without? If the pail were full before the fish was put in, then it will make no difference, since the fish will displace its own weight of water, which will run over. If the pail is only partially filled, then, though the fish is upheld by the buoyancy of the water, since action is equal to reaction, it adds its own weight to that of the water.

If the water filtering down through a rock should collect in a crevice an inch square and feet high, opening at the bottom into a closed fissure having 20 square feet of surface, what would be the total pressure tending to break the rock? The pressure is the same on every square inch of the twenty square feet of surface. Why can stones in water be moved so mnuch more easily than on land? Because the water oaoys up about one-half of their weight. Why is it so difficult to wade in the water where there is any current?

Because the buoyant force of the water makes us so light that we are easily carried away from our footing. Why is a mill-dam or a canal embankment small at the tofp and large at the bottom? Because the pressure of the water increases with the depth. In digging canals and building railroads, ozught not the engineer to take into consideration the curvature of the earth?

If he should build on a true level he would find his embankment pointing up to the stars. Is the water at the bottom of the ocean denser than thal at the surface? The immense pressure must condense it very much at great depths. There is a certain point beyond which divers cannot penetrate.

Why does the bubble of air in a spzrit-level move as the instrument is turned? Because the air is lighter than the alcohol and rises constantly to the highest point.

For this reason, also, the tube is curved upward at the centre. Why can a swimmer tread on glass and other sharp substances at the bottom of the water with ithttle harm? See problem I I. Will a vessel draw more water in salt or in fresh water! In fresh, because its specific gravity is less. Will iron sink in mercury?

It will float, like a cork on water. The water in the reservoir in New York is about 8ofeel. What is tihe pressure on a single inch of the pi]pe at the latterpoint? Why does cream rise on milk? Because it is lighter than the milk. Ifa ship founders at sea, to what dei5th will it sink? Until its specific gravity becomes equal to that of the water? There is a story told of a Chinese boy who accidentally dropped his ball into a deep hole, where he could not reach it.

He filled the hole with water, but the ball would not quite lat. Hefinally bethought himself of a lucky expedient, which was successful. Can you guess it? He put salt in the water. Which has the greater buoyantforce, oil or water? Water, because its density is greater.

What is the weight of 4 cu. How many oz. What is the specific gravity of a body whose weight ix air is 30 grs. The body is three times as heavy as water. Which is heavier, a pail of fresh water or one of salt. A pail of salt-water is as much heavier than one of freshwater as the weight of the salt added to make the brine.

Find its sjiec. A sfiecimen of green safifhire from Siam weighed in air 2I. Required its sjiec. A specimen of granite weighs in air What is the sj5ec. What is the bulk ofa ton of iron? A ton of coAS5er? What is the weight of a cube of gold 4 feet on eacA ride? A cistern is 12 ft. On one side, 12 x 10 x 5 x oz. Why does a deadfish alwaysloat on its back?

It has its swimming-bladder located just under the spine; and this is the lightest part of its body, and, of course, comes to the top as soon as the fish dies.

To be exact, 1, oz. Troy, whenr the ans. A vessel holds Io lbs. Mercnry is Hence the vessel would contain 10 lbs. A stone weighs 70 lbs. A hollow ball of iron weighs Io lbs. As a cubic ft. How much more water can be drawn from a faucet 8 feet, than from one 4 feet below the surface of the water in a cistern?

Hence 6. How much water would be discharged ijer secondfr-om a shortpfipe having a diameter of 4 inches and a depth of 48 feet below the surface of the water? When we pour molasses from a jug, why is the stream so much larger near the nozzle than at some distance from it p Because, according to the law of falling bodies, the further the molasses falls the faster it falls.

The stream, therefore, becomes smaller as it moves more swiftly, until, at last, it breaks up into drops. Ought afaucet to extend into a barrel beyona the staves-t No; because cross currents would be produced, which would interfere with the free passage of the liquid. What would be the effect if both the openings in one of the arms in Barker's Mill were on the same side?

It would cease revolving. The pressure in each direction would then be equal, and the arms would balance. Why must we make two openings in a barrel of cider when we taf it? One to let out the cider, and one to admit the air. What is the weight of ro cubic feet of air? What is the pressure of the air on one square rod of land? What is the pressure on a pair of Magdeburg hemispheres 4 in. How high a column of water can the air sustain twhen the barometric column stands at 28 in.?

If we should add a fressure of two atmospiheres, what. The pressure is trebled, and according to Mariotte's law, the volume will be reduced in the same proportion; hence it will be cu. If, while the water is running through the sizphon, we quickly lift the lonlg arm, what will be the effect on the water in the sipthon?

It will all run back through the short arm into the vessel. If we lift the entire sipthon? The water will all run out the long arm. In theory, Why cannot we raise water, by means of a sipfhon, to a higher level? There is no power in a siphon; it is only a way of guiding the flow of water to a lower level. If the air in the chamber of a fire-engine be condensed to 1c6 its former bulk, what will be thefiressure due to the ex!

What causes the bubbles to rise to the surface, when we put a lump of loaf-sugar in hot tea? The bubbles of air contained in the pores of the sugar rise because they are lighter than the water. To what height can a balloon ascend? Until its specific gravity is the same as that of the air in which it floats. A weight equal to the difference between its own weight and that of the air it displaces.

Why is the air lighter in foul and heavier in fair weather? This question is answered in the Philosophy. Another reason may be, that the upward currents of air partly remove the pressure in foul weather.

When smoke ascends in a straight line, is it a proof o1 the rarity or density of the air? Of its density, because it shows that the smoke is much lighter than the air, and so rises immediately to the top. Why do we notfeel the heavy pressure of the air on out bodies? The pressure on a person of ordinary size is about 16 tons. Is a bottle empSty whenfilled with air? No; because we must empty the air out before we can fll the bottle with anything else.

How does the variation in the pressure of the air affect those who ascend lofty mountains? The outward pressure is there partly removed, and the inner pressure remaining the same, the blood is often forced through the ears, nostrils, etc. When one descends into a deep mine the conditions are reversed: the outer pressure becomes in excess of the inner; severe pain is felt in the eardrum, and ringing noises in the head become almost intolerable.

These, however, disappear after a time, where the equilibrium between the internal and external pressure is restored. It is said that Humboldt ascended where the mercurial column fell to 14 inches, and descended in a diving-bell where it rose to 45 inches-thus making a variation of 3I inches, or a difference of 3 I,ooo lbs. How near would the bell be filled at a depth of 1, feet. If the bell were then raised, would the water stay in till it reached the surface?

The elasticity of the air would cause it to gradually expand and drive out the water as it rose. Three minutes elap5se between theflash and the rejiort of a thunderbolt: how far distant is it?

If the air is at the freezing point, the distance is ft. Five seconds expire between theflash and report of a gun: what is the distance.? Suippose a speaking-tube should connect two villages Io miles apart. How long would it take a sound to pass that distance? The report of a pistol-shot was returned to the earfrom theface of a cliff in 4 seconds. How far was it? What is the cause of the difference in the voice of man and woman?

It may be a difference in the length of the vocal chords, or in the power of lengthening and shortening them; but it is not yet fully understood. The difference between a bass and tenor, as between a contralto and soprano voice, is probably that of quality only, like that between different kinds of musical instruments.

What is the number of vibrationsfier second necessary to produce the fifth tone ofthe scale of C? What is the length of each sound-wave in that tone when the temperature is zeroa? What is the number of vgbrations in the fourth tfne above middle C Cj? A meteor of Nov. A stone was let fall into a well, and in 4 seconds was heard to strike the bottom. How deep was the well? See p. What time would it require for a sound to travel 5 mites in the still water of a lake? How much louder will be the report of a gun to an observer at a distance of 20 rods than to one at half a mile?

Hence the sound is 64 times louder to the observer at 20 rods that to the one at half a mile. Does sound travel faster at the foot or at the tofi of a mnountain? The density and elasticity of the air vary in the same proportion; hence if the temperature were the same on the top of a mountain that it is at the foot, the velocity of sound would be the same, but as it is always colder, the velocity is less. Because the intensity of the sound-wave is weakened at each reflection.

Why is it so fatiguing to, talk through a sfieakingtrumpet? Because so much more air must be set in motion by the vocal chords. The column of air in the resonant cavity of the throat is re-enforced by all the air in the trumpet.

A needlewoman will distinguish by the sound, whether it is silk or cotton that is torn. Blind people recognlze. Why is a secondary bow fainter than the jprimary I The primary is produced by one reflection and two refractions; the secondary, by two reflections and two refractions. The additional reflection weakens the ray. Why are the colors reversed? We can understand this by looking at Fig. In one bow we see that the rays enter the drops at the top, and are refracted at the bottom to the eye; in the other, that the rays enter at the bottom, and are refracted at the top to the eye.

Why can we notsee arounda house or through a bent tube? The rays of light move in straight lines. What color would a painter use if he wished to represent an opening into a dark cellar Black. Is black a color? No; it is the absence of color. Is white? Yes; it is the presence of all color-i. By holding an object nearer a light, will it increase or diminish the size of the shadow? It will increase it, because more rays are intercepted. Where do we see a rainbow in the morning?

In the west. An architect, comparing the length o' two lines separated from each other, if he estimate within the 30th part, we leem very accurate; but a musician would not be considered very precise who only estimated within a quarter of a note.

In a large orchestra, the leader will distinguish each note of each instrument. Wc recognize an old-time friend by the sound of his voice, when the other senses utterly fail to recall him. The musician carries in his ear the idea of the musical key and every tune in the scale, though he is constantly hearing a multitude of sounds. A tune once learned will be remembered when the words of the song are forgotten.

Pepper tells us that he tuned a fork which corresponded to 64, vibrations per second. Can any two sp5ectators see the same rainbow? They cannot, because no two persons can be at the right angle to get the same color from a drop.

Why, when the drofps of water are falling through the air, does the bow appear stationary? Because the drops succeed each other so rapidly that they keep a constant impression on the retina. Why can a cat see in the night? Because the pupils of its eyes are larger, and so admit more light. Why cannot an owl see in daylight? The pupils of its eyes are large enough to admit of cleal vision in the night, but they cannot be contracted, and so in daylight the owl becomes dazzled with the excess of light received.

Wshy are we blinded when we pass quickly from a dara into a brilliantly lighted room? The pupils of our eyes admit too much light, but they soon contract to the proper dimensions, and we can then see distinctly. When we pass out from a lighted room into the dark street, the conditions are reversed. If the light on a distant planet is only ylog that which we receive, how does its distance from the sun compare with ours?

If when I sit 6 feet from a candle I receive a certain amount of light, how much will I diminish it if I sit back 6 feet further?

As my distance from the light is doubled, the light is inversely as 22, or only i as bright. Why do drops of rain, in falling, appear like liquid [hSoads? The impression the drop makes on the retina remains until the drop reaches the ground. We see this illustrated in greasing a bit of paper. It becomes semitransparent because more light passes through it, but looks darker itself because less light is reflected to the eye.

Does color exist in the object or in the mind of the observer? In the mind. Color in the object can be only a peculiar property whereby a body absorbs some colors, and reflects or transmits others. Why is lather opaque, while air and a solution of soap are each transparent?

By repeated reflections and refractions in passing through the unhomogeneous mass of lather, the rays are weakened. The principle is the same as that of deadening floors with tanbark. Why does it whiten molasses candy to jull it? Water is given up both in cooking and pulling.

This causes more light to be reflected Q. Why does plastering become lighter in color as it dries? Because, as the water evaporates, the mortar transmits less light, and reflects more light to the eye. Why does a photographer iuse a kerosene oil-lamp in the' dark-roomz? Some " dark-rooms" are lighted with yellow glass windows.

Is the common division of colors into "cold" and "warm" verified in philosophy? Yes; red contains more heat than violet. I Why is the image on the camera, Fig. I67, inverted? The rays cross each other at the focus of the double convex len. WJhy is the second image seen in the mirror, Fig. As the latter is a beter reflector,. Each image after that will be weakened by the repeated reflection.

Which can be heard at the greater distance, noise or music? Other things being equal, music will penetrate much further than noise. Boatmen call to each other, at a distance, in a musical tone.

A band is heard above the noise of the rabble. It seems to be a wise arrangement of Providence that all harsh, discordant noises should perish as soon as possible, and only harmonious ones survive. Why are some bodies brilliant, and others dull? Some reflect the light better than others.

A piece of stone coal lying in the sun's rays will shine so brilliantly that one will cease to see the coal at all, and will judge it to be a bright metal. Why can a carpenter looking along the edge of a board tell whether it is straight? If the edge is straight, the light will be reflected uniformly to his eye from the whole length.

Any uneven places will make dark and light spots. Why can we not see out of the window after we have lighted the lampf in the evening? The glass reflects the light of the lamp back to our eyes, and they adapt themselves to the increased amount. Why does a ground-glass globe soften the light? It scatters the rays. Why can we not see through. Public Health has been monitoring harmful algal blooms at Lacamas Lake since early July. A warning advisory was in place at the lake for a few weeks last month but was lifted after water quality improved.

Results from water samples taken from Lacamas Lake on Monday revealed cyanotoxin levels were once again above the threshold levels recommended by the Washington Department of Health. Warning signs are being placed at public access points at the lake. Cyanotoxins can be harmful to people, especially young children, and deadly for small pets that drink the water.

Health officials recommend:. Public Health will continue to monitor Lacamas Lake and, while blooms are present, take weekly water samples to test toxin levels. Signs will be updated as conditions change. Harmful algal blooms can pose a significant health risk if the cyanobacteria or toxins are ingested, inhaled or contact skin. Inhaled bacteria or toxins could cause wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Skin contact could lead to rash, itching, blisters and eye irritation. If water with cyanotoxins is accidentally swallowed, symptoms could include abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, numbness of the lips, tingling in fingers and toes, and dizziness. Additional information about harmful algal blooms and current advisories are posted on the Public Health public beach website.

To report algal blooms in other bodies of water, visit the Public Health website. Media Contact : Jonathan Modie, , Jonathan. Modie dhsoha. Agenda : Approve April and June meeting minutes; finalize metrics selection criteria, hear from local public health committees on communicable disease and environmental health metrics. A public comment period is offered at the end of the meeting. Where : Via Zoom meeting. The Accountability Metrics Subcommittee develops recommendations about public health quality measures for the board's consideration.

For more information, see the board's website. Program contact : Sara Beaudrault, , a. Enjoy over collector cars and motorcycles at George Rogers Park and over 25 classic boats at Sundeleaf Park. From a. By participating you will support the efforts of LOLC to help provide vision and hearing assistance to neighbors who can't afford exams, glasses, or hearing aids and support local food pantries and various other charities.

Thanks to the public for their concern and vigilance. The Vancouver Police is seeking assistance from the public in locating a missing juvenile.

Alyssa Angelica Miller, 11 years of age. Alyssa is described as an white female, 4'06", 90lbs, light brown hair and brown eyes and may have some scars on her legs. She was last seen wearing black shorts, white top and Birkenstock style sandals. Alyssa is considered high risk missing persons due to her age. Anyone with information regarding Alyssa's location is urged to call Assisted by Vancouver Fire, firefighters could see a large column of black smoke from several blocks away.

The fire was tapped out at a. When they got there fire had already consumed much of the deck in the rear of the home. Four engine companies, one truck, one squad, and one Battalion Chief were called to the blaze, which was called under control in less than 10 minutes. The Clark County Fire Marshal was also called to the fire, and is currently examining the cause and damage estimate of the fire.

There were no injuries to residents or firefighters. Still images included with this news release. Video will be sent seperately via Hightail. Please courtesy Clark County Fire District 6. These nonprofits, selected from among hundreds of applicants in the second of three grant cycles in , demonstrated a steadfast commitment to serving low-to-moderate-income populations in at least one of eight categories: family engagement and resiliency; financial competency; housing stability and home ownership; college, career or technical readiness; entrepreneurship and business expansion; vibrant and equitable neighborhoods; technical and digital connectivity; and small business support and financial guidance.

The next deadline for community grant applications is 5 p. PT on Fri. Learn more at www. In addition to its retail banking presence, In addition to its retail banking presence, Umpqua Bank also owns Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc. The board passed a declaration of board vacancy for the zone during its Aug.

The board oversees the development of programs and services, and the adoption of policies and budget, to meet the needs of the college district. I will miss the reward that comes from playing a role in the education of a community. During his time on the board, Chaimov was active in college events and activities, and he worked steadfastly to advocate for community colleges at both the state and federal levels.

His leadership and direction have led the college through both tough times and good times. I want to thank Greg for his dedication to CCC, our employees and our students. Applicants for the vacant position must be registered voters residing within the Clackamas Community College Zone 1 boundaries and not officers or employees of the college. Applications are being accepted until 5 p. Candidates will be interviewed the first two weeks in September, and a decision may be made by the Sept.

The successful candidate will hold office until June 30, , and will be eligible to run for a four-year term in the May election. Visit www. For questions, contact Kattie Riggs at or kattie. This program will provide people with training and certification to conduct prescribed burns that cross property boundaries and reduce individual liability when following program criteria.

See the notice of proposed rulemaking for draft rule language for Oregon Administrative Rules to Note: Each meeting has a separate Zoom link. Comments can also be sent to The Board of Forestry approved the public hearing process for the proposed rule package, Oregon Administrative Rules to , during their July 20 meeting.

The department consulted with a rulemaking advisory committee RAC to draft the proposed rules. Abandoned and derelict vessels are a serious threat to waterway health and safety, said DSL Director Vicki Walker, creating both environmental and navigational hazards.

For years, DSL has been working with state, federal, and local partners to clean up and remove vessels. Collaborative efforts have resulted in removing hazardous vessels from waterways, said Walker, but lack of a statewide abandoned and derelict vessel program with dedicated funding has meant ongoing impact to the Common School Fund. Read the removal plan memo. DSL is currently working with federal, state, and local partners to remove four commercial vessels from waterways.

Emergency removal of the Tourist No. The goal is to have all three vessels removed from the Columbia River by the end of Walker emphasized the importance of collaboration to successfully remove these and other vessels — and the importance of engaging widely to refine the resources requested for the upcoming biennium. Karina Nielsen to the Oregon Ocean Science Trust; approved transferring management of about 5, acres of school forestlands from the Oregon Department of Forestry to DSL; approved a quitclaim deed exchange to clarify land ownership along the Willamette River in Benton County; and approved a permanent easement for the replacement of the Youngs River Road Bridge in Clatsop County.

Additional information about these agenda items is available in the meeting packet. The next Applicant Review Committee meeting is scheduled for September 28th, , at a. Also known as National Safe Digging Day, the observance exists to raise awareness about contacting before beginning a digging or excavation project.

The Oregon Utility Notification Center, which oversees the statewide call or click before you dig program, is reminding Oregonians that using the free service can save money and lives. Oregon , also known as the Oregon Utility Notification Center, was created by the Oregon Legislature back in to prevent damage to underground utilities and enhance public safety.

The free service is available by calling or going to Oregon By requesting a locate, homeowners and businesses can have their dig site marked with color-coded spray paint to avoid hitting underground pipes and wires. The most well-known incident in Oregon happened about six years ago involving a destructive gas explosion at the corner of 23rd and Glisan in downtown Portland.

Just last year, there were reported damages to underground utilities in Oregon, and most were preventable. Nearly two out of five U. The center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for homeowners, contractors, and professional excavators.

Requests must be made two business days before a project but not more than 10 days in advance. For more information about the Oregon Utility Notification Center or the statewide Oregon system, go to Oregon Traffic Team investigates fatal collision involving train, pedestrian. Next of kin notification in this incident has been completed thanks to help from the public. Members of the public provided tips and information from various types of Internet and genealogy searches. We are also grateful to the news outlets who helped by sharing information about our need to locate Mr.

The victim in this incident is identified as Wesley James Crossman, age Salem Police Traffic Team investigators have been unable to locate Mr. If you know Mr. Crossman and know his family, or have a way to contact them, please call the Traffic Team at Salem, Ore. The rail crew sounded the horn and attempted to stop the train but could not avoid the collision.

The man was declared deceased at the scene. The name of the decedent will not be released pending notification to the family.

The train was released from the scene by UP officials at approximately a. The Corvallis Fire Department responded to the block of NE Merloy Ave, Corvallis, and learned the male had a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and transported him to a local hospital. A search was conducted in the surrounding area, but a suspect was not located. Any residents in the surrounding neighborhoods with exterior camera recordings or anyone that observed anything unusual that may be of evidentiary value are encouraged to notify BCSO.

Future updates may be provided as they become available. Duffitt co. Arrangements can be made for information to be shared privately. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may also submit tips to TIPS. Thomas Andersen, representing Ward 2, announced his resignation at a City Council meeting August 8, Andersen has served on the council since I am also grateful to my wife Jessica Maxwell, for her unflagging, constant support during my time on the council.

Andersen stated that the time he must devote to his election to the Oregon House of Representatives, along with his position as a fulltime attorney, was the deciding factor in his resignation. I will miss you all. Nishioka could be sworn in as soon as the next City Council work session on August Contact : Liz Gharst, Kiari Chao, Where : By webinar and conference line only.

The public may join remotely through a webinar and conference line:. If you need help or have questions, please contact OHIT. Info dhsoha. OHA will make every effort to provide services for requests made closer to the meeting.

The Clark County Finance Committee meeting is open to the public. The meeting will be offered both in-person and via a virtual meeting option pursuant to RCW The goal of this program is to equip volunteers with information so they can help educate and connect veterans — primarily, seniors — to their earned benefits and other potential resources. Volunteers work closely with the Veteran Volunteer Coordinator and the accredited local veteran service officer or tribal veteran service officer in their area, locating veterans who may need assistance accessing their benefits in long-term care facilities, senior centers, libraries, mobile home parks, and retirement communities, or wherever people gather.

The program is open to anyone 18 years or older. Volunteers are asked to commit to serving eight to 10 hours per month. A background check will be performed at no cost to the volunteer before the volunteer is permitted to work with veterans.

If you enjoy working with the aging population and want to make a difference in the lives of veterans, you are encouraged to apply. The next training is scheduled for interested volunteers in Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Baker counties and will be held virtually from 9 a. Please note interested volunteers must attend both days to complete the training. In order to attend this training or learn more about this program, interested persons must fill out the online interest form at www.

August ODVA administers programs and provides special advocacy and assistance in accessing earned veteran benefits across the state. See the agenda and how to attend. Agenda highlights:. Media Contact: Jonathan Modie, , Jonathan.

The agenda will be available on www. Where: Please register for this meeting to receive meeting login information:. Troopers determined the antelope was likely killed sometime during the first week of August. In addition to the unlawful take, Troopers also determined meat was left to waste.

The first controlled antelope season in this area, the Pine Cr-Keating hunt is August , Report Wildlife and Habitat Law Violators. The Turn in Poachers TIP program offers preference points or cash rewards for information leading to an arrest or issuance of a citation, to a suspect, for the unlawful killing of wildlife, and or waste of big game. All other protected avian species: see category below for listed species. This location is approximately 7 miles north of Halfway, OR.

The wolf had injuries consistent with having been shot by a firearm. The wolf, known as OR was a two year old gray-collared female that was part of the Keating Pack. Troopers believe the wolf was shot and killed on the morning of August 4, Media Contact: Liz Gharst, eth. Data released by the Oregon Health Authority OHA show hospitals across the state are struggling with sharp growth in operating expenses.

While revenue was up compared with the first quarter of , the rate of revenue growth is slowing. Net patient revenue amounts have been effectively flat from the second quarter of through the first quarter of This sharp decline in margin is attributed to the equally sharp growth in expenses, particularly payroll expenses.

We hope that with a return to normal staffing some of the expense growth will taper off. Statewide, payroll was up All hospital types faced expense challenges, and operating expense growth was similar across all hospital types in Oregon.

OHA receives hospital financial data 90 days after a calendar quarter ends. Based on conversations with various hospital leaders, ongoing struggles with expense growth and hospital staffing is expected to persist through the second quarter and into the fall.

Erica Heartquist, , ica. Heartquist dhsoha. The report showcases efforts during the first year of implementation and highlights a multitude of accomplishments. Communities and government agencies made equity-centered changes to direct more resources to communities most affected by historic injustices.

Policymakers in Salem passed historic investments and legislative changes that serve HTO objectives; and examples of each are highlighted throughout the report. HTO relies on a collective impact approach, which requires broad partnership for success. The strategies in the plan are organized into eight implementation areas: equity and justice, healthy communities, housing and food, healthy families, healthy youth, workforce development, behavioral health and technology and health.

During that time, people in Oregon endured a lot. The PartnerSHIP is a group of 20 community representatives that provide statewide perspectives from priority populations and those who implement community health improvement plans.

PartnerSHIP members provide direction and decision making about the plan. To read the entire report in English, click here. To read the entire report in Spanish, click here. OHA is looking for trusted community partners across the state.

We are also looking for partners from across different sectors to help move this work forward. These connection challenges existed before the pandemic and will continue into the future. Learn how peer-to-peer educators are creatively conducting outreach with older residents, families, friends, and neighbors at the next meeting of the Commission on Aging, p.

Wednesday, Aug. Meetings are currently held in a hybrid format with both in-person and virtual participation options. The Commission on Aging, supported by the Clark County Council, is a nine-member volunteer group that implements the Aging Readiness Plan and provides leadership addressing needs of aging community members.

For more about the commission, please visit www. To see replay times, go to www. At the recent National Council on Problem Gambling Conference, the Oregon Lottery was recognized for its multi-cultural outreach responsible gaming program. Each year the National Council on Problem Gambling honors individuals and organizations from across the US and the world for their work on problem gambling and responsible gambling. Over individuals worldwide attended the oldest and largest annual conference on gambling addiction and responsible gambling.

Now in its 36th year, the event brings together individuals and organizations working on prevention, education, treatment, responsible gambling, regulation, research, and recovery.

We also provide help to anyone impacted by someone else's gambling. This is fundamental to how we operate and sell Oregon Lottery products. We know our products come with risk, and we have a responsibility to help people when they need it.

Oregon Lottery proceeds provide funding for free, confidential, and effective problem gambling treatment programs statewide. For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit www. Based in Washington DC, NCPG is the only national nonprofit organization that seeks to minimize the economic and social costs associated with gambling addiction.

If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, contact the National Problem Gambling Helpline, which offers hope and help without stigma or shame.

Portland, Ore. Prioritized grants are being issued to community organizations serving disproportionately impacted communities in Oregon, including communities of color and under-resourced rural communities. The awards will benefit communities and neighbors living in all 36 Oregon counties. This level of collaborative and responsive grantmaking affirms that we can do so much more for Oregon when we work together.

The volume of applicants reveals the ongoing needs of communities recovering from past crises in Oregon and struggling to meet ongoing needs.

Their deep roots in the communities they serve is critical, especially during this recovery period. Selected grantees include nonprofits providing arts, cultural and educational programs, and those focused on equity, health, housing and human services. Following is a small sampling of some of the organizations in Oregon receiving Community Grants and donor funding from OCF. To install safety upgrades on kitchen equipment, translate kitchen materials, and provide a funding match for a food truck.

To support the Youth Internship Program, a new job training program that will enhance social mobility and prepare youth to be career ready.

Oregon Community Foundation manages more than 3, charitable funds, stewarding donor contributions toward investments in communities across the state. Local volunteers representing every region provide grant evaluation in partnership with OCF staff and Board, donating upwards of 5, hours of time to help their neighbors in need. Oregon Community Foundation OCF works with donors and volunteers to award grants and scholarships to every county in Oregon. With OCF, individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create charitable funds that meet the needs of diverse communities statewide.

For more information, please visit: oregoncf. During the blitz, detectives contacted five people. Three shoplifting suspects were given warnings, while two others were arrested. Robert Patterson, age 44, was arrested for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. Detectives learned he also had warrants out for his arrest. Marat Gudarenko, age 30, was arrested for theft and also had outstanding warrants.

Commercial Crimes Detectives regularly work with loss prevention employees at stores throughout Tigard to identify and apprehend criminal suspects. Blitzes like this are one way detectives hope to discourage people from engaging in criminal activity. Preliminary investigation revealed that a Honda Civic operated by, a female juvenile, age 17, from Oakland, was eastbound and failed to negotiate a curve.

The Honda Civic left the roadway and crashed into a tree. Contact: Jonathan Modie, , Jonathan. Users can get info on national settlement agreement sites, distribution of money for prevention, treatment, recovery effort.

The Oregon Opioid Settlement Funds site, at www. It also describes how the settlement funds will be distributed in Oregon, how much money is available and what it can be used for. In addition, the site offerspeople the opportunity, if interested, toapply to serve on the Oregon Opioid Settlement Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Board, which will determine how the state uses its share of funds from the settlements with the opioid industry.

The lawsuits hold opioid manufacturers, distributors and retailers accountable for their role in creating and fueling the opioid epidemic and for aggressively marketing prescription opioids while simultaneously downplaying their risks to health care providers and the public.

The State of Oregon reached resolution with four of these companies in July The resolution consists of two agreements and is referred to as the Distributor and Janssen Settlement Agreements.

All federally recognized tribes are eligible to participate in the Tribal Opioid Settlements, regardless of whether that tribe filed an opioid lawsuit. Oregon followed the model developed through the national opioid settlement to determine how much funding each eligible city and county would receive. This allocation formula is based on population and public health metrics. Oregon anticipates receiving additional opioid settlement funds from other lawsuits.

However, the timing, amount and allowable uses of these funds have yet to be determined. Generally speaking, the funds must be used for opioid prevention, treatment and recovery strategies that are listed in the settlement. They may not be used for other purposes. Oregon drug overdose deaths more than doubled between and , an alarming trend driven largely by misuse of the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl, an OHA analysis found.

Preliminary data indicate this trend continued in The Oregon Department of Justice provides additional information on the settlement here. Midnight shooting incident leaves two wounded and one teen arrested. Just after a. Arriving officers located a year-old woman and a year-old girl with gunshot wounds. The two victims were treated by paramedics at the scene, and subsequently transported to Salem Health with non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses provided suspect descriptions of two teens involved in the incident which helped officers who scoured the area in search. Officers located two male juveniles who matched the descriptions given nearby. Salem Police detectives investigating the case arrested one of the juveniles detained who was then lodged at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center on the following charges:.

The Salem Police Department does not release the names of minors involved in criminal investigations. He is believed to be in danger. ODHS asks the public for help in the effort to find Davin and to contact or local law enforcement if they believe they see him. Sometimes when a child is missing they may be in significant danger and ODHS may need to locate them to assess and support their safety.

As ODHS works to do everything it can to find these missing children and assess their safety, media alerts will be issued in some circumstances when it is determined necessary. Sometimes, in these situations, a child may go missing repeatedly, resulting in more than one media alert for the same child.

This toll-free number allows you to report abuse of any child or adult to the Oregon Department of Human Services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and days a year. The abuse began in Tigard, Oregon in and continued through while the family was living in Vancouver, Washington. The abuse was reported to authorities in both states.

The victim was seen by experts at a children's center where she provided details of the abuse. The State has reasons to believe there could be additional victims related to this defendant. Anyone with information is urged to contact their local police department. Lockhaven Dr. N will be closed at a. Parade entries will not be allowed to travel westbound on Lockhaven Dr N. River Rd N will be closed to all north and southbound traffic starting at a.

Prior to the parade and other events beginning, traffic will be allowed to periodically cross River Rd at Chemawa Rd. Vehicles will not be allowed to travel north or south on River Rd during this time. The Keizer Fest Parade will begin at a. It is expected that River Rd will begin to re-open around Parade signs advising of the street closures have been posted along River Rd advising citizens of the forthcoming closure.

For attendees preparing parade space ahead of time by placing chairs on the sidewalk, please remember to leave an adequate travel path of at least three feet for use by our wheelchair-bound citizens. Estoy orgullosa de lo que hemos logrado. La vivienda permanente con servicios de apoyo es un modelo que se ha comprobado funciona para apoyar a individuos y familias carentes de hogar. Alder House provee departamentos a individuos con ingresos bajos, con 30 departamentos designados como vivienda permanente con servicios de apoyo.

Alder House tiene una sala comunitaria donde residentes pueden organizar eventos y convivir con sus vecinos. Con un enfoque principal en facilitar el acceso a la vivienda, Alder House ayuda a las personas a conectarse con los recursos que necesitan para permanecer en sus hogares y prosperar en sus comunidades.

The free music festival, suitable for all ages, will host local and regional bands. The one-day music festival starts at 11 a. Capitol Jam will draw on artists from the Pacific Northwest and feature many local musicians, including performances from the RiverCity Rockstar Academy.

A full list of bands and schedules will be announced soon. Vendor and sponsorship opportunities are available for those in the community who wish to support the inaugural community music festival.

More information about Capitol Jam can be found at www. See you August 27 th , Contact : Liz Gharst, , eth. Brian Toups, , rian. For people who speak a language other than English or people with disabilities we can provide free help. All relay calls are accepted. To best ensure our ability to provide an accommodation please contact us even if you are only considering attending the meeting.

The earlier you make a request the more likely we can meet the need. On August 6, , at around p. About a half mile down, one biker got a flat front tire. When he returned to fix the flat, he did not locate his friend. At a.

Shortly after, he was located and assisted to the end of the trail at a. After a quick medical evaluation, he was determined to be uninjured but dehydrated.

All SAR-certified members not only search for missing or lost people but also assist with evidence searches and disaster response as well. The investigation revealed John DiMolfetto created dozens of personas and used numerous social media and texting accounts to manipulate, deceive, and exploit children as young as 7-years-old over a span of nearly a decade.

Investigators believe John DiMolfetto either exploited or attempted to exploit over children across the United States in the six months prior to his arrest.

Some of the child victims were known by John DiMolfetto and others were children he met on the internet. John DiMolfetto was found guilty of 23 counts involving the online sexual exploitation of children on August 3, , following a bench trial.

Some of the charges incurred sentences that will be served concurrently at the same time. However, ultimately John DiMolfetto will spend 35 years and 10 months in prison with no time reduction. The question numbers in this document correspond with the survey questionnaire Q14— I have applied to a lot of jobs [since] I lost my job, and it was hard to get even one interview when I have plenty of work history.

There is no difference between different income levels as to whether a work from home option would determine their acceptance. Since they have a bit of a cushion now, people looking for work can afford to be slightly pickier rather than desperate.

I wish I knew where these people are getting all this money to live off of. Several publications have addressed the issue as well, investigating the link between discrimination and microaggressions in the workplace and the desire to return in-person.

This survey uses aggregated data to analyze the opinions of BIPOC residents in comparison to the opinions of residents who identify as white and not another race. While approaching Three Lakes Waterhole, during a trip to inspect local water sources and wild horse conditions in the region, something unusual happened.

A wild mare kept running up to Blair's truck and then to a nearby ridge. After happening several times Blair recognized this as very unusual behavior, especially for a wild horse, and decided to investigate. As Blair crested the ridge to a dugout water tank, she found a young horse stuck in the mud. She quickly returned to her truck and grabbed any equipment that could be used to free the young horse. After finding a rope she carefully wound it around the rear end of the young horse, which put up no resistance.

And after 30 minutes Blair was able to bring the foal on dry solid land. Soon after it rejoined its mother, who had been on the ridge watching and waiting the whole time.

Oregon surpasses goal to fund 1, permanent homes with supportive services for people experiencing homelessness. Investing in humane, dignified solutions that we know are effective is what the people of Oregon deserve and optimizes public funds. I am proud of what we have accomplished together. As we continue pushing forward, we are eager to learn, build, and advance solutions together. Permanent supportive housing is an evidence-based model for supporting people and households experiencing homelessness.

PSH is a nationally recognized strategy to address chronic homelessness. It provides deeply affordable and permanent housing with wraparound services to house people regardless of barriers they may face. Alder House, located in the heart of downtown Portland, is one example of what permanent supportive housing looks like in Oregon.

Alder House provides apartments for individuals earning low incomes, with 30 apartments designated as permanent supportive housing PSH. All households receive supportive resident services to help build community and improve housing stability, and the 30 PSH households also receive intensive case management services.

Alder House features a community room in which residents can organize events and convene with neighbors. In addition, it is near various transportation and grocery options, so people have easy access to their basic everyday needs.

With a housing first approach, Alder House helps people get connected with the resources they need to stay stable in their homes and thrive in their communities. Moving forward, OHCS will continue to work alongside community and partners to find innovative and equity-centered solutions to help families who are experiencing homelessness.

For more information about this work, visit the OHCS website. Dunn was incarcerated at Oregon State Correctional Institution and passed away at a local hospital while on hospice care. As with all in-custody deaths, the Oregon State Police have been notified.

Dunn was 83 years old. DOC takes all in-custody deaths seriously. The agency is responsible for the care and custody of 12, individuals who are incarcerated in 12 institutions across the state. While crime information is public record, DOC elects to disclose only upon request out of respect for any family or victims. OSCI is a multi-custody prison located in Salem that houses approximately adults in custody. It provides a range of correctional services and programs including education, drug and alcohol treatment, mental health treatment, religious services, work crews, and transition planning.

OSCI participates in prison industries with Oregon Corrections Enterprises, including a print shop and a contact center. The Museum incorporated in and opened to the public in June of There will be a program on August 27 th at pm by Chuck Whitten.

Chuck has been interested in lookouts for many years. During his summers working for the Forest Service, he was asked on several occasions to work at one of the lookouts.

His presentation will prove to be very entertaining. The living conditions were primitive and the hike to the lookout was an adventure. Tours are available upon request.

The museum is wheelchair accessible and has air conditioning. Admission is free. Donations are welcome. This is our annual fundraiser, and proceeds will go to the Capital Improvement Fund. For more information, please contact and leave a message or email museumnch88 gmail. The doors were opened in June of Nevaeh Rohrbach, age 13, is a child who went missing from Portland on Aug. She was found Aug. The meeting begins at a. The committee is made up of veterans appointed by the governor to provide counsel on veteran issues and represent veteran concerns across Oregon.

The committee meets quarterly in various locations across the state. The public is invited to attend. More information is available online at www. The business meeting will be followed by a town hall in which attendees will be invited to ask questions of the committee and director. This time is set aside for individuals to bring up broader veteran community issues.

Members of the community are also invited to submit written public comments to the committee by email to vaac odva. When officers arrived, they located a year-old male on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. Responding officers quickly began advanced first aid and applied chest seals to treat the victim before emergency medical personnel arrived to transport the victim to an area hospital. There is no suspect information at this time, and nothing further is releasable.

Competition and Showcase. Celebrating creativity in art and engineering, Bricktastic! Everyone is welcome to enter! Prizes will be awarded to the Best in Show, Best in Category and the Board Award for the best from a child 10 or under. To Enter the Bricktastic! There is no cost to enter but all creations must be original no kits. Entrants may submit in more than one category. Read the full rules in the entry form.

The Bricktastic! Entrance is free and each guest will be given 10 opportunities to vote for their favorites. Columbia Play Project is an intentionally planned project designed to expand exploratory play options to children and families throughout our communities. Exploratory play grows healthy children and vibrant communities. The Columbia Play Project exists to be a hub where all families can safely engage, connect, explore and ignite their imaginations.

Phase II is a similarly themed mobile museum with removeable exhibits that can be set-up outdoors for socially distanced play, set to launch in September Phase III is a full-scale bricks and mortar exploratory play space with indoor and outdoor play areas and permanent and rotating exhibits. For more information contact Info columbiaplayproject. We encourage people to be aware of this illness, understand how the virus spreads, and know what precautions and treatments are available.

Vaccine supply is currently very limited, but we anticipate it will increase over time. Most cases of hMPXV have been transmitted through close, personal, and skin-to-skin contact, including during sex. While the majority of cases thus far have been among men who have sex with men, anyone can be affected by hMPXV, and it is essential to educate and avoid stigma with this infection.

Interviews available: Dr. Contact en. We currently serve Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal Permanente Medical Group physicians, specialists, and team of caregivers. Our expert and caring medical teams are empowered and supported by industry-leading technology advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, state-of-the-art care delivery, and world-class chronic disease management.

Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to care innovations, clinical research, health education, and the support of community health. For more information, please visit: about. To join virtually, please use the Zoom video conference information found on the agenda.

To provide public comment, please email estresources. The meeting is open to the public to attend in-person or online via Zoom. Public comments will be accepted near the start of the meeting. Requests for an interpreter for the hearing impaired or other accommodations for persons with disabilities should be made at least 72 hours before the meeting by emailing estresources.

The member committee researches policies that affect family forests, natural resources and forestry benefits. Based on its findings, the committee recommends actions to the Oregon Board of Forestry and the State Forester. View more information on the CFF webpage. Sign-ups begin at 10 a. The theme this year is Years of Oregon State Parks and celebrate public beach access. Judges will evaluate entries based on creativity, originality and best use of beach resources added to the design.

Judging for each event begins 12 p. The parks have a few sand buckets for loan; however, contestants may bring other hand tools and supplies to build their sand creations. For emergencies, call for an immediate response. For non-emergencies, call the Portland Police at Operating since , the district is one of the oldest, largest and most successful enhanced service districts in the nation.

On Saturday, August 6, , at a. Deputies observed the vehicle driving recklessly, almost striking two other vehicles who had to swerve to avoid a collision. When deputies attempted to stop the Outback, the vehicle sped off, and a vehicle pursuit ensued. Deputies witnessed the driver, later identified as year-old Jeobani Reyes-Soriano, exit the vehicle from the passenger side.

Reyes-Soriano attempted to flee on foot and was quickly apprehended by deputies. Deputies located three additional persons in the vehicle who cooperated with the investigation. One person was transported to a local area hospital for precautionary reasons. Deputies also learned that the vehicle was reported stolen along with reported stolen license plates from a different vehicle.

Reyes-Soriano was transported to a local area hospital for precautionary reasons and then lodged at the Washington County Jail after being cleared by medical professionals. The homeowner of where the vehicle crashed had surveillance footage of the crash and apprehension of Reyes-Soriano. When the Deputy attempted to contact the vehicle, which was occupied by a single male, the subject fled in the vehicle with the gas pump still inserted, striking a bystander with the vehicle and the severed gas pump hose.

The Deputy engaged the stolen vehicle in a pursuit but quickly terminated for public safety when the vehicle reached speeds of over mph on NE 76th St. The vehicle was soon located by several other law enforcement officers, after it turned around several times, still driving recklessly through Orchards.

Deputies re-engaged with the vehicle until the driver came to a dead-end near the block of NE 86th Ave a short time later. The driver fled on foot, into the Curtin Creek Natural Area. Deputies conducted a track through the area, with the assistance of a Vancouver Police K-9 and Portland Air 2, and the suspect was quickly apprehended without further incident. He was transported to an area hospital after making claims of ingesting controlled substances, pending processing on suspicion of Attempting to Elude a Pursuing Police Vehicle and Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

The vehicle was confirmed to have been stolen out of Medford, OR. Deputies returned to the gas station but were unable to locate the bystander who had been struck by the fleeing vehicle. The Sheriff's Office is requesting anyone with information related to this investigation contact Deputy Michael Gonzalez at michael.

The collision involved a Dodge Nitro and a Yamaha motorcycle. The rider of the motorcycle, a 22 year old Vancouver resident, was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The driver of the vehicle was a 15 year old female and the passenger was a 55 year old male, both Ridgefield residents.

The driver and passenger were not injured in the collision. Alcohol and speed are believed to be factors in the collision. The names of the involved persons are not being released at this time. City of Salem Reports High E. The test results for this sample were received on August 4, The City of Salem treats wastewater and discharges treated effluent to the Willamette River at this location. Additional testing will be completed on August 5, and the test results will be available by August 6, Signs are being posted in the immediate vicinity along the river.

When firefighters arrived they found a building filled with dark black smoke. Command immediately called for a second alarm. Fire crews forced entry into the building and began searching for the fire, however the floor began to collapse and fire began burning through the roof. This forced command to pull crews back outside and to fight the fire from the exterior or defensively.

Firefighters used aerial ladder trucks to pour water into the building in an effort to extinguish the fire and to keep it from spreading to adjoining businesses. In order to ensure adequate resources were available fire commanders called for a third alarm.

At its peak there were over 80 fire personnel working on this fire. There were no reports of injuries associated with this fire. At this time the fire is under control, but firefighters are continuing to cool hot spots. Fire investigators are on scene, but must wait for the scene to stabilize before they are able to dig through the fire debris in search of a cause. Crews will likely be on scene throughout the day and the investigation will likely take several days at least.

Events like these force us to further stretch our firefighting resources and the public is asked to be especially vigilant as todays weather poses a significant risk for fires to start and spread quickly. In short the summer fire season is here and were busy, so please help us by being fire safe. Longview police arrived at the scene first and verified that all occupants had safely exited the house.

Police officers also evacuated 13 Curtis Lane, which was potentially threatened by the nearby fire. First, arriving firefighters reported heavy fire from the structure at AM and the incident was elevated to a second alarm. By AM, the fire had grown and firefighters withdrew from the structure. At AM, crews were able to bring the fire under control. The fire did not spread to any other property or homes. Crews are expected to be at the scene throughout the morning.

Police were directed to a 43YOA white male Kelso resident suffering from a gunshot wound to his head. The subject was transported to St.

John Medical Center then later transferred to another facility for a higher level of care. The firearm we believe was used in the incident has been recovered and we believe all involved parties, including the person responsible for the shooting, have been identified and detained.

Kelso Detectives are in the very early stages of this investigation, therefore no additional information or identities of the involved parties are being released at this time. There is no reason to believe any further threat to the community exists in reference to this matter. Media contact : Aria Seligmann, , ia.

What: An executive session of the Measure Oversight and Accountability Council has been scheduled for the first 45 minutes of the regular council meeting on Wednesday, August 10, The agenda for the public portion of the meeting will be posted on the OAC website prior to the meeting.

Public meeting will open with roll call then go into a short Executive Session. Public meeting will resume at p. The OAC will hold regular meetings to accomplish the necessary steps to fund and set up the networks. Read more about the OAC. Read more about Measure Contact e dhsoha. Measure dhsoha. If you need help or have questions, please contact Jessica Carroll at , TTY or roll dhsoha.

Public comment is scheduled at the beginning of the meeting. To submit written comment, email ftlac. Written comment sent at least 48 hours before the meeting will give the FTLAC time to review and consider information. Comment submitted after that window of time will be sent to the FTLAC after the meeting, entered into the record and posted online.

Comment is not accepted after the meeting concludes. The Forest Trust Land Advisory Committee is comprised of seven county commissioners representing 15 Oregon counties where state forestlands are located. Questions about accessibility or special accommodations can be directed to the Oregon Department of Forestry at least 72 hours prior to the meeting at The City of Hillsboro is working to help community members during upcoming excessive heat. A map of cooling centers, water dispensers, and spraygrounds in Hillsboro can be found at Hillsboro-Oregon.

Locations and hours during the Excessive Heat Advisory are listed below. Cooling centers will be open with air conditioning, seating, activities, and access to water. The health and safety of staff and visitors at cooling centers is our highest priority. Face coverings masks are available within City of Hillsboro cooling centers. Clean, safe, and cold drinking water will be available through Hillsboro Water's Hometown Tap Sunday through Tuesday morning. Six spraygrounds, including the fountains on the Civic Center Plaza, are open to help families cool off.

Most spraygrounds are open from 9 or 10 am to 8 pm. See sprayground hours. The open position is for a nurse practicing in Clark County.


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