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                                                                                                        This plugin, when run, scans your selected layers and automatically assigns a colored tile to help speed up your editing or designing workflow. Pick from hundreds of premade digital backdrops or customize adove own. A video mask title with bold heading text and sliding transitions. The preset is compatible with Adobe CC and up.    

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The use cases of Ae are very broad, and choosing it for text will not dissapoint you. Especially if your animation projects include text elements and stuff like that. Adobe After Effects is one of the most powerful programs to edit videos. The software itself is very advanced, however, another way to use it is through plugins.

These plugins provide additional functionalities and help you do things like add text, create animations, and more. All that without having to know how to program them yourself. We covered many plugins before, and we made sure to categorize them to help you find exactly what suits your needs. If you ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of After Effects plugins out there, this article is for you. We collected the best 20 After Effects plugins for text animation all in one place.

It contains 30 modern, stylish and elegant text animations. You can use these templates for scene transition, captions, or titles. The designs are fully customizable: you can adjust the size, position, and so on.

In addition to that, you can change the color, duration, and timing. This template is dedicated to the lower third texts only. It allows you to style your text in eye-catching animations. All that in the most dynamic way. It results in fantastic effects that compete with the ones we see in fantasy movies. Cracks And Text Animation contains 4 different styles in addition to 3 background color choices.

It contains over a thousand of them. The templates are also fully customizable to suit any of your needs. As the name suggests, 70 Text Animations is a pack that contains some of the coolest effects. You can animate your text in Ae with a variety of aesthetic animations. This tool is so flexible and provides you with more than 56 designs to produce dynamic titles. The templates in this pack can be used for various purposes that range from branding videos to personal projects.

Either you want an upbeat, quick-paced or any other text effect, Kinetic Text Animation will help you make that happen in the finest of qualities. Using After Effects plugins for text animation will turn out to be especially handy in case your logo is text-based. This template allows you to display the text of your logo in a cool dramatic way. Using Logo Text Animation is super easy; anyone can use it even without any prior knowledge or experience with animation! Just like expressions, working with mattes can be hard.

Effect Matte is a very useful plugin that will allow you to easily deal with mattes. It helps you add them, track them and adjust their size. Not to mention that you can customize mattes directly as a layer, without necessarily having a matte-tracking layer.

The glitch effect will give your text an amazing look and a techy appearance. This is another awesome template that displays your text in a dramatic look, with a quick-paced and bold arrival. Of course, you can customize Text Animation template to make it align with the objectives of your project. The Text Animation effect is heavily used for ad videos. This After Effect plugin includes 80 templates of stylish text effects.

It results in elegant projects with a high quality that can compete with world-class animation studios. It comes with a great content that varies from titles, stories and quotes. As the name suggests, this plugin creates and generates random text patterns. It allows you to create shapes, grids and lines. Above all of that, it belong to the free After Effects plugins that you can download directly, no questions asked. The concept is quite simple: you choose letters and numbers randomly, and then you generate a pattern using the core system.

With this plugin, you can add beautiful shadow styles to your text, such as inner, radial or soft shadow. This will give more depth and appeal to your text in no time. This tool provides you with parameter control that allows you to add motion trail to your text. The stylish cartoony blur effect can be applied on flat, minimal or 2D graphics. Cartoon Moblur is featured with shutter angle, so you can adjust the length of the blur.

Furthermore, it comes with opacity samples. Not to mention that you can customize the color picking either fill or gradient. AI Titles is one of the greatest After Effects plugins for text animation that will allow you to automate the process.

It works perfectly with typography, giving you the ability to create boxes, change colors, add special effects and so on. In addition to that, it has limitless adjustments possibilities for the size, duration, positioning and speed of the text animation.

Furthermore, you can customize the style and the direction without having to use keyframes. Font Manager is a versatile plugin that helps you create and animate complex text and typefaces in After Effects. It comes with powerful features that will simplify the process and narrow it down to a few clicks. This feature will make placing the text elements a lot easier and more organized. Using expressions within Adobe After Effects requires you to use code in most cases. It comes with 22 pre-defined expressions that are fully customizable.

TextBox is a plugin that regroups a bunch of presets that allow you to quickly create and animate text in After Effects. This plugin provides you with powerful capability to create text, adjust its size and customize the background shape, in order to create cool effects and beautiful motions. TextBox does not need any linking between the elements: it will automatically be applied to the same layer of the text.

In addition to that, it will not require you to create expressions or connect parent. TextDelay is a native plugin for Adobe After Effects that allows you to animate your text by delaying it.

With this plugin, you will be able to fully control the text transformation with high levels of precision. It allows you to animate a character, a word, or an entire line of text.

TextDelay allows you to work with curves and expressions. You can do easing expressions in a very simple and efficient way. It has various presets that will produce a fantastic text animation effect where you can be so creative, delaying some words and leaving others in order to create the big-screen effect. It is featured with a range selector just for this sole purpose. In fact, outsourcing the boring repetitive tasks will actually help you save time and direct your focus where it should be.

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Adobe after effects cc text animation free

  Download these free presets to have some great text animations that are ready to go on After Effects CC Adobe® After Effects® and Premiere Pro® is. This glitch text effect toolkit gives you 30 different ready-to-go glitch title animations, 32 different glitch maps to choose from.    

10 Free After Effects text animation presets.Download Text Animation Presets - After Effects Projects


Download thousands of versatile Adobe After Effects templates, logo stings, openers, slideshow templates, lower thirds, and more. Find After Effects Templates. There are multiple styles of title scenes in this pack that have unique and colorful animations. You can use them to add professional titles to your professional and business videos.

Looking for trendy and modern text animations for creative video projects? Then look no further. This bundle includes 25 different After Effects text effects with stylish designs.

Each template also features unique animations with colorful shapes and bold typography. This is a simple and fun text template for After Effects. It allows you to add a colorful title scene to your videos with a 3D-like look and feel. It includes cartoon-themed title scenes with colorful designs. You can use this pack of After Effects text animations to make bold and creative title scenes for various social media videos.

It lets you choose from many different styles of animations and designs to make attractive typography with professional designs. This stunning text reveal After Effects template employs a hand-crafted brush aesthetic that looks very impressive when used in slideshows, presentations, movies, and commercials. It provides you with 14 titles and lower thirds, and a range of customizable options.

An awesome After Effects typography template you must try out for your next project! Next up, we have a modern and clean collection of After Effects text animation templates that are truly versatile, and can easily be customized to suit any kind of color scheme or style. The Kinetic Typography template is a stunning collection of After Effects text animations and 3D text effects that have been designed for dynamic and colorful projects that require high-quality animations and a fully customizable look that can be adapted to suit a range of uses.

The dynamic minimalism template is a collection of clean, modern, and well-animated titles and text elements that would suit any professional project, from corporate presentations to advertisements and promotional videos.

It features stylish sans serif fonts and a simple, well-thought-out design. Animate your text After Effects in a 3D fashion with the help of this dynamically designed template that provides you with a variety of minimal yet eye-catching typography scenes perfect for a wide range of creative and professional applications.

One of the best After Effects text animation templates! Next up in our selection of the best After Effects text animations is the Modern Art title template, a series of modern and minimal text elements that are ideal for titles and lower thirds, and can be fully customized with no need for any plugins. If you need an After Effects text animation template for a corporate project, this option is a great choice — it can be easily customized using After Effects versions CS4 and later, without the need for plugins, and offers 13 scenes that can be rearranged as you see fit.

Use this template for any social media or digital communication inspired purposes. Use this gorgeously designed After Effects text animation template featuring flowers and butterfly effects, ensuring your wedding day gets all the more special. It comes packed with a video tutorial helping you make the most of this charming After Effects typography template!

Next up, we have a collection of text stroke-style effects that can be used for a multitude of purposes, from corporate promotional videos to personal and creative presentations. Want to emulate the style of a classic horror or thriller film? For a touch of luxury that will make your titles pop, consider this gold and silver themed text reveal for After Effects that will turn any words into precious metals, creating an elegant three-dimensional look that can be used with a range of project styles and aesthetics.

Perfect for Halloween or for a project that requires a spooky element in its text animations, the Dark Woods After Effects text template features a dark, creepy look that would be ideal for a horror or thriller film, or as a presentation for an event such as a haunted house. Our next After Effects text effect emulates the style of a classic flip board and would make a great addition to a financial or corporate presentation.

You can change the look of each flip tile, from the color and font to the flip effect and edge shape, for a personalized result. It offers a clean, modern design with subtle animations and realistic-looking three-dimensional effects. For a natural, environmentally-focused project that calls for a simple yet elegant design appeal, the Moving Woods text template is a beautiful option to add a touch of charm to your titles or credits. You can customize each aspect of the text itself, as well as the surrounding colors and graphics.

Next up we have the Abstracto Kinetic text effect for After Effects, featuring a range of geometrically inspired elements and clean, modern fonts that will add a stylish touch to any project, and is especially useful for a presentation in creative spaces such as architecture or graphic design.

No plugins are required, and the animations last for five seconds apiece. Here we have a truly versatile collection of simple yet effective high definition text animations, featuring several different reveal methods that can be applied to a wide range of uses, from corporate presentations to amateur films and animated photography portfolios.

Before we move on to our series of free After Effects text templates, take a look at the text box tool for quick and easy text animations that can be fully customized to fit any brand or color scheme. These effects are particularly great for marketing or advertising videos. This After Effects title template features multiple styles of glitching effects for making your title scenes look more creative.

The templates are fully customizable with color controls and font choices. A simple yet modern title template with a multipurpose design.

This After Effects template features a stretch title effect that makes it suitable for all kinds of creative, business, and entertaining video projects. You can choose from 12 different text animations as well. Take your next video project to a whole new level by employing these modern and unique text animations that provide you with complete creative control in terms of customizing the color, background, size, position, and duration.

Next in our list of the best After Effects title templates is Minimalisto, a collection of flat titles and 3D elements that is sure to get your video project standing ovations from the audience, and establish you as a professional motion designer in your community. Check out this template featuring a range of mystical titles perfect for sci-fi, horror, or suspense video projects. If you are wanting to get your hands on some great typography templates without having to spend a penny, look no further.

Here we have a template featuring image titles and lower thirds, perfect for video projects that need a unique and innovative approach to text animation. All the options are very easy to customize and match your own brand. This After Effects text animation template features a range of modern, dynamic, and smoothly animated call-out titles providing you an excellent way to highlight important points or features in your next product launch video. Next up in our selection of the best free After Effects text animation templates is this series of eight minimal titles, featuring fully animated text elements with customizable colors and smooth, modern graphics.

You can download it for free from Motion Array. Here we have a collection of lovely festive titles and text effects that are perfect for any of the major holidays, from Christmas to New Year. It features three full-screen title animations and fully adjustable colors and graphic elements and can be downloaded for free from Motion Array. You can download this dynamically animated free After Effects text template from Motion Array. The final free After Effects text template in our selection is another download from Motion Array, this time featuring a simple yet effective flipped text effect that adds a subtle edge to your titles or credits!

It includes seven unique animation options and full-color customization. One Subscription: Unlimited After Effects Templates Download thousands of versatile Adobe After Effects templates, logo stings, openers, slideshow templates, lower thirds, and more.

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